6 Best LED Grow Lights for Cannabis

Ready to grow amazing herbs? Today, most growers choose the best LED grow lights for cannabis.

The best LED grow lights provide all the wavelengths necessary to produce large, beautiful buds. Plus, it’s much cooler than traditional HPS and saves on electricity bills.

Most of the reviews here cover the entire set of luminous lights. To discover the highest performing LED lights for your space.

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How to choose Best LED Grow Lights

When you buy online, you need to understand the basic information of LED cannabis plant growth lights:

Spectrum:Glowing LED lights mimic natural light, but they don’t have all the colors of the electromagnetic spectrum unless they are full spectrum white LED lights. If you want to grow cannabis plants from seed to flower, you should look for a combination of blue, purple, red, and infrared (IV) diodes.

Heat Output: To avoid leaf burn, the best LED plant lights have cooling systems like radiators and fans. These systems also help prevent the system from overheating. The highest temperature of the LED grow light is between 80-84 ° F.

Footprint Map: A footprint map refers to a growing space covered with lights of various heights. It is measured in feet and is usually between 2’✕2 ‘and 4’✕4’.

Cannabis growing under LED plant lights
Cannabis growing under LED plant lights

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Power: Contrary to popular belief, higher wattage is not the best way to assess the amount of power consumed by LED lights. The LED design is cost-effective, so higher wattage can put more pressure on the wallet. The actual measure of power depends on the amount of light the plant absorbs. It is classified as a PAR level of 400-700 nm. PAR is an abbreviation for photosynthetically active radiation. In other words, it is the amount of visible light that plants use for photosynthesis.

Light intensity: the standard for measuring light intensity is micromol / joule. You can see the product listing says umol / j or PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Package). The best brightness LED lights have a high PPF due to the large number of photons per second. Look for a 1.5 umol / h or higher lamp

In addition to PPF, μmol / m2 / s or PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Beam Density) measurements can also be displayed. This sounds professional, but you should know that PPFD measures the number of photons that hit the surface of a plant per second. To understand the intensity of light at different heights, you need to measure PPF and PPFD with a footprint map.

samsung lm301b LED-Grow-Lights
samsung lm301b LED-Grow-Lights

Voltage: Often overlooked by home growers, make sure the outlet can withstand the voltage range of the LED plant growth lamp, especially if it includes a daisy chain function. This allows you to connect multiple lights in a large space, but consumes more power on the wall.

Warranty / Shelf Life: cannabis plant lights are a financial investment, so you can be sure you have a warranty and will be able to return and replace faulty parts. It is also advisable to choose a long-lasting (long) product.

Best LED Grow Lights

1.Best LED Grow Lights:HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 LED Grow Lights



  • – Covers a wide grow area
  • – Dimmable
  • – Foldable
  • – Includes all hanging hardware
  • – Waterproof
  • – Meanwell Divers Inside
  • – Fanless Power Supply (No noise)
  • – 3 Year Warranty (according to question I asked)
  • – RJ45 for dimming many units at once


  • The lamp is larger and heavier
  • Dimming in not 100% to 0% but more like 100% to 30%.
  • Does not include remote control for dimming just manual knob.

Buyer evaluation

After almost 4 months with this light, the only thing I can say is “WOW”. I don’t know if its my imagination or what but I do feel that the fruiting was more consistent, with bigger buds and more yield per plant. Also as it produces littloe heat you don’t have to be managing the heat as much with extractors, carbon filters and so on. BUY IT! You wont regret it. Don’t come crying when you get more flower than you can use. Lol

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2. Best LED Grow Lights:ViparSpectra Timer Series LED Grow Lights

ViparSpectra Timer Series LED Grow Lights


  • Built in digital timer eliminates the need to buy extra equipment and you can completely customize your lighting schedule
  • Powerful 10W LEDs with reflectors
  • Trusted brand that is loved by customers and known for using innovative technology in their lights


  • Relatively expensive
  • More complicated technology means more things that can eventually malfunction or break
  • Not a lot of options for different sizes

Buyer evaluation

These lights have no problem with what they are. I think Viparspectra is the best “cheap luminous LED light”, but it is not very good and is a bit outdated when it comes to LEDs. One of my remotes stopped working the second day with these. This is annoying because you have to use a single dimmer control as the only “button” to make all the adjustments. Why doesn’t the light itself have the same controls as the remote? Fans are loud and not red enough to bloom … etc. Hate to say that, but these will be returned. I decided to spend the same $ 99 on the HLG QB96 Elite V2 at the same price, plus $ 40-50 on the controller. The HLG is 1000 times better and is about 1/6 the size.

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3.Best LED Grow Lights:PlatinumLED Advanced Platinum P-Series LED Grow Lights

ies LED Grow Lights


  • Highest PAR output 12-band light spectrum including Ultraviolet and Infrared
  • Efficient 3W LEDs and 90 degree secondary focusing lenses to intensify light coverage
  • Recently redesigned aluminum heat sinks and built-in fans
  • Six choices ranging from 150W to 1200W
  • Two to three times the lumen output of other LED lights
  • LEDS and light fixtures made in the USA, with US-based customer support


  • The naming convention is a bit confusing, with the name not actually matching the wattage or HID equivalent (For example, 150W to replace 250W HID and consuming 87W of power)
  • Inividual LEDs may not be as powerful as 5W or 10W
  • Hangers sold separately
  • Too expensive, too hot, too heavy

Buyer evaluation

This light is perfectly sized for my 48″x24″x72″ grow tent. I was actually expecting it to be a bit too strong for just two plants but I guess it’s not. I’m on my second grow season using this light and so far it has not lived up to the hype. My first grow was meh and I couldn’t see the difference between my plants under a cheap Chinese light. The outcome was almost identical. I don’t have a light meter to conduct a test to verify what this company touts for light output, but the proof is in the size of my plants.

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4.Best LED Grow Lights:GalaxyHydro Roleadro LED Grow Lights

GalaxyHydro Roleadro LED Grow Lights


  • 2-year replacement warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • All models come with LED beads and Zener design. This means that if one LED goes out, all the light will not stop working.
  • 10 watt ultra-bright LED used in most models
  • Multiple settings and spectra to choose from
  • The white light LED model uses the full spectrum of true sunlight.


  • It can be confusing to try and follow the GalaxyHydro Vs. Roleadro brands and models available
  • The manufacturer has no website or information available, lights are only sold on Amazon
  • Many available models do not have a ful spectrum, with as low as 9-band spectrums on some
  • Some information regarding coverage area was not accurate on the Amazon.com page and had to be verified with the manufacturer.

Buyer evaluation

I now have four of these lights. I use them in my home hydroponic setup. They provide all the light to my plants. Currently I grow lettuce, bok choy, peppers and serrano peppers. All of these work well under these lights. I think these are the best buys for money. They are fresh, calm, full spectrum and my lettuce grows like crazy. Pepper is produced in an excellent way. I don’t think it is possible to confuse these lights in this price range or any other price. I am rarely 100% satisfied, but this is one of them.

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5. Best LED Grow Lights:Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 200 LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights

KingLED Newest 1200w LED Grow Lights
  • Pros:
  • 10W LED consumes less power due to higher light output
  • Red-blue, yellow, white, IR, UV full spectrum illumination
  • Dual LED light means higher efficiency and a wider light range
  • Includes thicker case, vented glass cover and fan for better heat dissipation
  • 3-year warranty and excellent coverage service.
  • Cons:
  • KingLED is not in business as long as there are other reliable manufacturers.
  • They don’t provide much information on the actual wattage and coverage area.
  • The light has no reflector

Buyer evaluation

I use this light in a small 2×4 tent and have enjoyed indoor gardening for the past 6 months. This light, especially when combined with deep water cultivation, helps with active plant growth and flowering cycles. The full setup, including the fans, costs nearly $ 20 / minute to run on a 16-hour cycle. The lights are very efficient and very bright, so you need a tent or a shaded area. I have no experience with HID, HPS and only have this light in the space that is currently growing so it cannot be compared to more expensive LED lights.

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6. Best LED Grow Lights:ViparSpectra Reflector-Series LED Grow Lights

ViparSpectra Reflector Series LED Grow Lights
ViparSpectra Reflector-Series LED Grow Lights


  • Three year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee
  • Very well built and rugged design
  • High quality internal fans for maximum cooling and efficiency
  • Reflective coating surrounding LEDs increases PAR value with no extra energy consumption
  • Bloom and Veg switches on all models and some are dimmable


  • Buyers commented that the logistics speed is too slow
  • Some commenters said their lights are smaller than advertised
  • Not all models have dimming function

Including the mixing of red light, blue light and infrared light used in various stages of plant growth. Each light has two switches, which can turn on or off a group of lights, thereby changing the spectrum, suitable for plant growth or flowering stages, and also has adjustments. The light knob can realize more customization.
These LED lights have large fans and aluminum radiators, so they run very cool.

Buyer evaluation

This led light works great in my 4×4 tent. The best set-up I’ve ran with it was 4 medium plants at a time in that space. The light has been running strong since I recieved it, having been switched between 12/12 and full 24 hour time periods. I would buy another one and in fact plan on doing so when I get the funds.

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The Best led grow lights recommendation will continue.

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