Barrina led grow lights 252W(6 x 42W) Full Spectrum Review

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Barrina led grow lights Official description

Barrina LED lights have the potential to reduce growing costs and extend the flowering period. Promotes early ripening and increases production while improving fruit quality. Extend your growing season and achieve an anti-seasonal crop. This is a great option for plants in the budding cycle, vegetative propagation, and flowering. Compared to HPS / MH, Barrina Grow Light is more efficient but consumes less.

  • Full Spectrum-Ballina’s bright light is an excellent choice for plants in the budding, vegetative propagation and flowering cycle. Provides the light that plants need, especially blue and red light.
  • Integrated plant light chips: Integrated plant light chips have a more efficient and better color design compared to lamps consisting only of “blue chips” + “red chips”
  • Super bright: Each plant light has 120 0.5W (60W) LED chips, consumes only 24W and saves 50% on electricity bills.
  • Easy installation: plug and play. You can also connect up to 6 incandescent lights in series with a 48-inch patch cord. It can also be mounted on the ceiling or hung on a shelf. Save installation time and costs
  • Quality Guarantee: 2-year unlimited warranty, quick and easy replacement if quality problems arise

Barrina led grow lights spectrum

Barrina led grow lights spectrum

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Barrina led grow lights  Review

Someone else Review:

Okay, I really wanted to like these lights. They are inexpensive, energy efficient, easy to assemble, and have astonishing power output. On paper, the spectral output looks perfect. However, in my grow environment (surrounded by mylar), 3/4 of the plants were burning, no matter how much or less light it was, regardless of the distance between the lamp and the plants. Tomatoes don’t like these lights. Lettuce doesn’t like these lights. Zucchini, cucumber, and squash don’t like these lights. I could barely tolerate peas, carrots, and spinach, and it seems like I only liked bell peppers. Only when these blue / red lights were replaced by full spectrum “white” lights did the quality of growth really improve. Fortunately, this manufacturer has them too.

Bottom line: growers need to be careful. Some plants will work, others won’t work much with blue / red lights. If you don’t know the exact spectrum and requirements, you should buy white light instead.

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Barrina led grow lights Buyers show

Shannon Review:

I was very skeptical when I saw 100 lights. Unlike many other companies, this company did not try to bribe me for a review. The lights were well packaged and literally contained everything that could be needed to secure them (including cable ties). It includes a baffle to keep the lights off instead of losing a few to the side. They were very easy to combine. It comes with a snap clip and a ring through which a cable tie or chain can be threaded (sold separately). Drywall anchors and screws were also included. If you don’t pair them with the included cable, it also comes with a cap to cover the extra holes.

All six 2-foot sizes can be linked using just one plug, but include two plugs.

Before setting them all up, I wanted to make sure they were effective. I used the attached tape for the test run. In fact, it was celebrated and I even had to work to get rid of it. (Note that it can be difficult to remove if you stick it on something you don’t want to leave sticky ganks on. It’s not a command strip.)

The light gives off a little heat and heats up, but it’s not too hot to touch.

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Barrina led grow lights Buyers show

Jill Cooper Review:

I don’t usually write reviews, but I have been misled by the good reviews of this product and would like to play my role in balancing. I don’t think these are real luminous lights. With lots of water and new seedling soil, I really worked hard to get the greens to start growing underneath. I had a timer for 14 hours a day. I have a green thumb. The young trees looked like anemia, the leaves were strange, and the edges were wrinkled. My arugula shoots bloomed while they were still stunted to an inch in height and desperately tried to complete life cycle I. A few months later, trying to save them, I gave up and threw them in the compost. I looked for 1 star reviews, but some have experienced the same. Next time I’ll start over with a real T-8 light. I can’t return them because it took me too long to get them working. 😒

She grew micro / stunted skinny sad tomatoes, arugula, lettuce, bell pepper, basil, carrots, beets, oregano, and dill. The broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts were either deep fried or dried and killed.


The advantage of Barrina’s grow lights is the price. You can buy 6 lights for less than $80, but you need to be aware that if the plants you grow like sunlight, then the light provided by these lights is far from enough, so you need to make sure the lights Spectrum and power

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