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How long does it take to grow cannabis indoors

Many novice growers will be curious: How long does it take to grow cannabis indoors? What’s the growing timeline? This is a very good question, Every new cannabis grower should know how much work they’re signing up for! Indoor cannabis growth takes about four months In fact, it takes only 3 months for marijuana to …

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The Best Soil For Growing Cannabis Indoors In 2021

For novice growers, growing cannabis indoors is a very interesting thing. However, if you are just getting started, you may not know how to grow cannabis. Novice growers are usually recommended to use soil in indoor tents instead of hydroponics because hydroponics is more difficult. When you first buy equipment, you need to consider what …

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3 Best Soil PH Testers In 2021

If you feel that you have no talent for planting and therefore give up planting, please don’t give up immediately. This article will teach you how to measure the pH of the soil, so as to help you better communicate with plants by understanding the specific needs of plants. When you plug the soil pH …


Ideal Temperature And Humidity For Cannabis in Growing Tents

There are all kinds of information on the Internet, and many suggestions for growth can be misleading. This usually sounds like you need to do 100% right things or your plants will die. But the fact is, cannabis cultivation is very easy. You don’t have to do anything other than give it light and water …


What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a new type of plant soilless cultivation method, also known as nutrient solution culture. Its core is to directly infiltrate the roots of plants in a nutrient solution. This nutrient solution can replace the soil and provide plants with water, nutrients, oxygen, etc. Growth factors enable plants to grow normally.