The Best Soil For Growing Cannabis Indoors In 2021

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For novice growers, growing cannabis indoors is a very interesting thing. However, if you are just getting started, you may not know how to grow cannabis. Novice growers are usually recommended to use soil in indoor tents instead of hydroponics because hydroponics is more difficult.

When you first buy equipment, you need to consider what kind of soil mixture to use, because the nutrients, texture, and ingredients in your soil mixture will play an important role in planting, and the soil is also a factor in determining whether you can successfully plant. one.

Best Soil for Cannabis in 2021

Best Soil for Cannabis in 2021-1

Best Soil for Cannabis in 2021-2

Best Soil for Cannabis in 2021-3

Best Soil for Cannabis in 2021-4

6 Best Soil for Marijuana Reviews in 2021

1. Fox Farm FX14047 2-Cubic Feet FoxFarm Happy Frog Potting Soil


Fox Farm is a company known for producing some of the best soils for growing weeds. Happy Frog Potting Soil is one of the best soils for marijuana plants and is an all-in-one mix ready to use right out of the bag.

This compost is pH balanced adjusted to provide maximum nutrient intake. It is full of beneficial soil microorganisms and mycorrhizal fungi that not only help improve root development but also help maintain a healthy life in the soil. This is difficult to find in indoor compost!

This soil has a light texture and good breathability, making it a recommended mix not only for growing marijuana but also for other indoor plants. It can increase vegetative growth and flower production.


Balanced pH

Rich density and smell

Contains soil microorganisms


Can attract aphids

2. Black Gold 1302040 8-Quart All Organic Potting Soil


Purchasing a packet or two of Black Gold Organic Potting Soil, another more suitable weed soil, will make your purchase more convenient. A good choice for novice gardeners, this soil is considered one of the best weed soils because it contains small chunks of perlite to keep the soil poorly ventilated.

Although this soil is locally formulated for western cultivated areas, it is ideal for indoor use anywhere in the world. It is an excellent choice for resisting insects, potting, or replanting your marijuana plants and supporting their growth in the early stages of development.


Comes in a convenient 2-pack

Contains perlite

Has added fertilizer


Can develop mold

3. Espoma SS8 8-Quart Organic Seed Starter


Another great option on the list of the best soils for growing weeds is Espoma’s Organic Seed Starter Mix. This soil is available in 8-quart packages and is ideal for all types of cuttings and saplings. It promotes root growth and is considered the best soil for marijuana plants because it is a rich blend of the best natural ingredients. Includes sphagnum moss, perlite, peat, and monotone.

Mycotone is a unique blend of mycorrhizal fungi. These creatures support root growth naturally and help improve the plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. It is a large, healthy plant with many flowers.


Includes mycorrhizae fungi

Contains a blend of organic matter

Can reduce transplant shock


Has a tendency to develop mold

4. Fox Farm FX14100 Coco Loco Potting Mix


Another best potting compost for weeds comes from Fox Farm. This soil is unique because it contains coconut fiber, which acts as a small sponge to improve the absorption of water and nutrients by the plant. This soil drains very well, but can still hold an exceptional amount of water. This excellent drainage reduces overall moisture and helps maintain plant health.

Additionally, the excellent drainage of this soil reduces the likelihood of mold and roots rotting on the plant. Insects are also less likely to come to your potted plants frequently.


2 cubic foot bag

Can be used to grow vegetables as well as weed

Contains coco coir for drainage


Not sold in several states

5. Roots Organics Rod Original Potting Soil


Roots Organics produces some of the best soils for growing weeds indoors. The best soil for this weed is ready-to-use coir-based soil that contains some of the best coir fibers on the planet. Repeated cleaning and composting for 2 years. This compost mixed with very long fibers has been modified with organics such as bat guano, earthworm plaster, feather meal, fishbone meal, green sand, mycorrhizae, soybean meal, humic acid, perlite, and pumice stone …

This compost is well-drained and comes in a sturdy grow bag. It is camouflaged to make it even less noticeable. All you have to do is cut the tops and plants, everything is ready to go.


Comes in a heavy-duty grow bag

Contains fish bone meal and bat guano

Washed and composted for 24 months


some customers report too much perlite

6. Big Rootz All Purpose Potting Soil pH Adjusted and Enriched to Maximize Root Growth


This growing soil from Big Rootz is one of the best fertilizers for pots. Backed by solid scientific research, it is a unique and award-winning blend. It is formulated and pH tested to give you the best soil for marijuana every time. The nutrients in this soil are fortified to provide all the nutrients and drainage necessary to fully hydrate and nourish the marijuana plants.


Contains compost and worm casting

pH adjusted

Filled with mycorrhizae to maximize root growth


Can attract flies

Soil for Weed Buying Guide Questions

When you are trying to figure out which soil is best to grow cannabis, the large number of choices may confuse you, but you only need to remember these basic parameters.

What kind of soil is suitable for growing cannabis?

Want to know what kind of soil is used to grow weeds or what kind of soil is suitable for growing hemp? You should consider several factors. First of all, the soil of the plant must have good drainage and water retention capacity. It should have a good texture to support the root system and development of the plant.

Without a good texture—ideally, the texture is a bit loose but not too porous—your plants will not be able to grow strong roots. If you don’t have a good drainage system, your plants will become over-watered or under-watered, which can cause them to wilt or rot.

You may wish to mix about half of the soil with an equal part of coconut husk fiber. These soils are made of coconut husks, which can help improve drainage. No matter which soil you choose, make sure to fertilize easily during the first few weeks or stages of growing a cannabis plant-you first need to understand how the plant responds to the soil medium.

When you shop, you may be able to choose between an all-in-one soil that has all the nutrients that plants need to survive or a simple soil that requires amendments. It is recommended to use simple soil for large-scale outdoor planting, and the all-in-one mixture is best for novice gardeners.

What is the best soil mix for cannabis?

Not all soils are the same! When you are looking for good soil for cannabis, you need to remember that the pH value, water retention capacity, texture, drainage capacity and nutrients of the soil vary. Therefore, you need to buy a special soil mixture for hemp with certain properties.

The best soil for growing weeds should be nice, dark, a little fertile, and similar in appearance to used coffee grounds. It will have a loose texture and should break when you pick it up. This will ensure that your plants can retain moisture without leaving your plants deprived of oxygen.

In some cases, you may also want to choose a blend designed specifically for your cannabis species. Some auto-flowering strains require a unique soil formula that is not suitable for other types of cannabis plants. For example, automatic flowering plants will need soil without a lot of fertilization because they are able to grow adequately on their own.

In conclusion

When you grow your own cannabis indoors, basic old topsoil or standard potting soil will not work. You need special soil that has the nutrients, texture, and drainage capacity that cannabis plants need to thrive. Hemp requires a lot of organic matter to grow, so when you are looking for the best soil mix for growing hemp, you will need to choose those specially formulated for growing hemp.

Once you have the soil, you can set off! Order your seeds and your plants will bloom soon.

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