Ideal Temperature And Humidity For Cannabis in Growing Tents

There are all kinds of information on the Internet, and many suggestions for growth can be misleading. This usually sounds like you need to do 100% right things or your plants will die.

But the fact is, cannabis cultivation is very easy. You don’t have to do anything other than give it light and water and the environment it needs to grow. However, if you pursue higher yields, you need to provide more ideal growth conditions.

This is what all marijuana growing guides are teaching you, how to create a more ideal environment for marijuana growth, what is the ideal temperature and humidity? Keep reading to find the answer.

Ideal temperature and humidity for growing tents

The environmental conditions required for each stage of the cannabis plant are somewhat different, and there is no environmental condition suitable for all stages of plant growth.

If you don’t have much time to take care of and don’t care about maximizing the harvest, you can always keep the temperature around 80°F.

Seedling stage: 75°-85° Fahrenheit / about 70% humidity
Plant stage: 70°-85° Fahrenheit / about 40% humidity (no more than 55%)
Flowering period: 65° – 80° Fahrenheit / 40% humidity (no more than 50%)

Because the needs of cannabis plants are different at each stage, the environmental conditions need to change as they change. This is why most professional growers have multiple rooms, each room grows plants of different growth stages, so that you can easily control the environment and achieve twice the harvest.

Tools needed to maintain ideal temperature and humidity in a tent


In addition to the simplest wall-mounted thermometer, you should also need a small portable thermometer. The wall-mounted thermometer will only measure the temperature of the area where it is located. The portable thermometer can obtain the temperature of various areas in the tent, especially the temperature near plants. Can help you better adjust the temperature of the tent. If you have an air conditioner (with a thermostat), you can use a portable thermometer to check if the readings match.



This tool measures the amount of water vapor in the air. This is another simple tool where you can find wall-mounted models and portable models, just like thermometers.
Ideally, you will have an installed hygrometer and a portable hygrometer for the same reasons as the thermometers mentioned above. You can also get a combined device for measuring temperature and humidity.
The hygrometer is very important. Excessive humidity will make your plants rot, so your efforts will be in vain!


Ideal conditions for the seedling stage

As mentioned above, the temperature should be between 75° and 85°F, and the relative humidity should be 70%. Seeds need to germinate. Germination needs humidity and heat. When these conditions are met, the seeds will begin to germinate. There is not much change between growth stages.

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Ideal conditions for the plant stage

The ideal conditions for the plant stage are a temperature of 80°F and a humidity of 40%. Compared with the seedling stage, the temperature does not change much, only the humidity is changed. Seedlings like humid air, but at the plant stage, if the air is too humid, the leaves will become saturated and cannot release so much oxygen, which will cause them to be unhealthy, absorb less light and less nutrients, and weaken Photosynthesis.

Ideal conditions for the flowering stage

When plants enter the flowering stage, they like cool air, the temperature is maintained at 65°-80°F, and the humidity is maintained at 40%-50%.
Excessive heat means that the air is more capable of holding moisture. The greater the air density, the less water evaporates on the surface of the flower buds, and the water on the flower buds evaporates continuously, causing the flower buds to rot. This is the angel of death for plants.
Keeping all of this in mind (or preferably in a notebook that you carry with you) can help your planting tent become an ideal place for your plants. As you know, temperature is important, but not as important as the overall humidity of the air.
The main reason why temperature is important is because it affects the air’s ability to retain moisture, and moisture will return to humidity. This does not mean that temperature is not important, because it is important.


Ideal Grow Tent Humidity And Temp: Final Thoughts

Maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity in the planting tent is very important to increase cannabis production. If you follow the above guidelines, then your plants will reward you with a good harvest!

Cannabis cultivation is very simple, we have a cultivation guide for your reference:Beginner’s Growing Guide: Indoor Cannabis Grow

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