Mars Hydro Ts 3000W LED Grow Light Review

Mars Hydro Ts 3000W LED Grow Light Review

Mars Hydro Ts 3000W LED Grow Light Official description

  • Upgraded commercial LED brightness light, easy dimming and daisy chain function, up to 15 multi-light connections, convenient main light control, especially with 2 waterproof Mean Well drivers, 120VAC, 240VAC auto-sensing power supply and 277 VAC Works with both. Large rooms and commercial facilities
  • Broadband solar light Full spectrum LED growth, almost infinite natural light, suitable for all plants in all growth stages indoors, achieving rapid plant response from seed to flower, maximum quality and quantity, Traditional Much better than the HPS growing system from
  • Noise-free, highly reflective, fanless light panel design makes life easy and quiet, rapid heat dispersal material Aluminum reduces light loss in hallways and walls, increases light intensity up to by 20%, allows plants to receive more energy without burning your plant during maximum headspace
  • High efficiency energy saving plant light, new high power bright LED light, real power of only 450 watts with 1016 LEDs compared to traditional 600 watt HPS lamps and other brand-driven incandescent lights, more scientific and energetic High efficiency! Ideal for 5’x 5 hasgetable stages, 4’x 4’bloom stages, MARS HYDRO grow tents, high intensity in reflective areas or crossovers with multiple TS3000s
  • BOOM PERFORMANCE LARGE GROW LIGHT, the latest SMD LED technology, delivers the best PAR / LUMEN output (1274umol /), 30% more performance compared to older LED lights, 2.0g / watt peak performance. higher returns with lower wages. It radiates a large amount of light energy to the plants below, providing an incredible growth journey for any home grower.

Mars Hydro Ts 3000W LED Grow Light parameter

WATTAGE 450W±5%@AC120-277V
PPE 2.7μmol/j
PPF 1151umol/S
SPECTRUM 660-665nm 730-740nm 3000-3200K 6000-6500K
DIMENSION 641.5*579.2*68.63mm
WARRANTY 5 years
RECOMMENDED LIGHT/TENT 4’x4′ tent/120’x120cm tent

Mars Hydro Ts 3000W LED Grow Light Review

John Johnson Review
I bought this light for the included Meanwell driver. The price seemed reasonable. This will be my first vintage on the ts3000. I used to use King LED from Amazon. My buds are extremely cold, big and the most sensory I have ever grown. There are still two weeks left before harvest. It completely covers my 4×4 tent. He was used to gaining ½ pound. Every harvest. Now I hope to earn more than £ 1. I will be back in 6 months to upgrade.
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Siare K Review:
So I’m in the second season of two races with this light. It did me good. So far it’s easy with a lot of electricity and production bills. The lights definitely need you to help cool them down.
What I did was put the fan on the controller to help cool the whole system. The light gets very hot and a small fan is absolutely necessary to help cool it down. Other than that, no problem. The light is wonderful. The very light and shiny af and buds are gorgeous! We recommend this product in terms of price. So far it is perfect for 5×5 marquees. There is no part that does not turn bright. Keeping the light high it makes for a great full brightness run. It doesn’t matter much to change the light as it grows. Leave it high. It is the same for now. Rapid growth
Make sure to bring 7 glasses on your way to protect your eyes and not go blind!
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Amazon Customer Review:
I used burple lights for 12 years. They work good, but the new mars 3000 has upped my game. I can see bugs and plant problems at the drop of a dime. The old lights it would be to late to fix the problem. You cant tell anything under a burple light. I have 7 mars 3000 lights. I will be buying more too. I have a 15% increase in yeild. Now that I fixed all the plant problems I think it will be 15% or higher yeild to come. They are about half the price of other lights that are the same. Dont have to be a genius to safe money. You just have to buy them. But I see people lights burned out on some reviews. You need a source of air passing by the light. To keep it cool to touch. Just remember you need air circulating for your plants anyway. So you should have a fan there already. If the plants wanted burple lights, the sun would be burple then.
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High cost-effective product recommendation:Helenor Eco

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