Reviews on 3 best seller 600W led grow lights

Are you ready to be planted? Today, most growers choose the best LED grow lights.

The best LED grow lights can provide full spectrum of light, and can adjust the spectrum, in addition, it is more energy efficient than traditional HPS grow lights, does not generate too much heat, which can save you a lot of electricity bills.

Here we review the 3 best 600 watt lamps.

Best seller 600W led grow lights NO 1: Phlizon 600W LED  Grow Lights

Phlizon 600W LED Plant Grow Light

Phlizon 600W led grow lights features

Comparison to HPS / MH: Compared to MH / HPS lamps, it generates less heat, saves more energy, has lower electricity bills, and has a more complete optical spectrum. 600W LED incandescent light can replace 100W HPS / MH. Coverage area that is more effective than any reflector series light. Ideal for 2×2 ft. Grow areas with a height of 24 “. Our difference is that we use a dual cooling fan that can maximize the life of the light.

Veggie and Bloom double switch buttons have different functions. Veggie Switch: It is a blue LED and a white LED. For seedlings and young vegetative growth, you can only use the vegetable switch. Bloom switch: red LED and white LED. Both Veg and Bloom switches can be used together for bloom / bloom. LED viewing angle: 90 ° and 120 °

Full Spectrum – We have done many experiments to confirm that this full spectrum promotes plant growth. It includes a universal blue-red IRUV and a white LED that can provide all desired plants in natural sunlight. IR and UV LEDs can promote plant defense mechanisms, and blue and red LEDs are essential lights for plant growth.

Review of Phlizon 600W LED  Grow Lights on AmazonReceived a 4.5 star rating

Positive reviews

Anthony Molnar Review:Phlizon 600W LED Grow Lights

I legally grow medical cannabis in Colorado and needed enough light in my indoor tent. I did extensive research and bought an affordable Phlizon 1200W LED plant glow light and liked it so much that I ordered a second for the other tents. The light works better than I expected. First of all, my plants love light more than I do! The fans are quiet and the lights work very well. When I switched to BLOOM, Plants responded immediately.

I can’t wait to try and connect the two below. It will take some time on a limited budget, but I’ll update the review when I put two of them next to each other!


Anthony Molnar Review

Howzitbrah ReviewPhlizon 600W LED Grow Lights

Great blazing light. Use in California entertainment cannabis. My plant loves it. Due to their wide coverage, two of these are best for 4×4 tents and add some taotronics LED side lights. I have no fever Bright as hell. I used 1000mh and hps and never sucked electricity again.

Update: Now the cannabis has flourished and the vegetables have been planted. Unsolved! The flowers are dense and bushy, and the yield is high. Great for greenery! The only downside is the footprint. Suitable for planting a few plants or for two to bloom. The fans aren’t great at all, but they definitely sound like. Still no problem. I am running 24 hours with an automatic flower. According to other reviewers, this only produces 100 actual watts! That is wonderful! If 300 watts of mh and hps are generated to configure, less is better.

negative comment

No two lamps have the same spectrum.

The two are not the same! Be careful when growing in a large grow box or in a limited area. These lights don’t match your spectrum and don’t have strong enough UVIR output to grow high quality produce. .. At 18, one lamp barely reads 240 umol, the other lamp reads 310 umol. .. In the photo, you can clearly see that the left side has a whiter spectrum and the right side has a redder spectrum. My plant on the left is reaching red. I was very excited about these lamps, especially considering the price, but it doesn’t make sense unless they are consistent products.

Roma Longstreet Review

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Best seller 600W led grow lights NO 2: KingLED 600w LED Grow Lights

KingLED Newest 600w LED Grow Lights

KingLED 600w LED Grow Lights features

High-quality LED Grow Light: KingLED Grow Light uses the latest LM301B LED and a 10x optical capacitor to provide high PAR output of 2.8 umol / J and high energy efficiency while improving light transmission … Ideal for 2’x2 ‘vegetative propagation and 2’x2’ flowering

Full Spectrum LED Glow Light: MJ adjusts the spectrum ratio to provide a more consistent spectrum, providing plants with full spectrum illumination of natural light, vegetables, and flowering modes suitable for plants in various stages of growth. Designed to provide light, from seedlings to flowering, it significantly increases yields.

Cost-effective bright LED light: Unlike traditional HPS, our KP600 LED light uses SMD LED technology and high-tech reflector and consumes only 80W compared to traditional 400W HPS / MH. I won’t. It provides a brighter light, saves more electricity, and can also save you a lot of money.

Durable LED Grow Lights – Multiple high speed quiet fans and an upgraded aluminum radiator allow the bulb to operate from 50 ° F to 60 ° F, which is lower than other lamps. At low temperatures, plants do not burn, which can increase lighting time and promote plant growth. It has a very long time of use, so it is not necessary to change the lighting frequently.

Review of KingLED 600w LED Grow Lights on Amazon(Received a 4.5 star rating)

Positive reviews

James B. Hollingsworth ReviewKingLED 600w LED Grow Lights

I was quite skeptical about cheap LED lighting, so I bought two of these as auxiliary lights for medicinal plants. I already have HID, UV and UVB lighting so I wanted LEDs for many reasons. I wanted to get a more complete spectrum in my room so I enjoyed many benefits and also wanted higher yield, higher resin production and aroma. And I wanted to see how effective LEDs are compared to HID. It was a pleasant surprise to note that all of this has increased slightly. As others have said, when they say 1200 watts this definitely does not work like a 1000 watt HID. That said, they cover a stable area of ​​nearly 3×3 (Sq over 4×4, which extends maximum footage efficiency) and is similar to 600 watts of HID in applicable applications. I hooked up both to an 18 hour timer and barely noticed a spike in electricity.

They were very quiet and durable (takes a few drops without a problem) and they didn’t seem boring. Bright enough to overwhelm my grow room, it goes from a red / orange glow to a very bright blue, orange-purple. It is very bright when you walk in. They don’t give off heat at all, and even the 4-5 inch LEDs (single plant abuse test) on my plant didn’t have the negative effects of fluorescence or CFLs, it should be burning, I almost touched it. Among the flowers, finding 6 inches from the plant for a week, resting and repeating, significantly increased trichome formation. In this range, there is actually only one plant light, but it is very powerful and permeable.

KingLED 600w LED Grow Lights
KingLED 600w LED Grow Lights

negative comment

Gary Grinkevich Review:KingLED 600w LED Grow Lights 

This light started to fade after about a year. The company also contacts you to change the review to 5 stars and promises to send you a new light, but they never do. We do not recommend this light or company. I love my phlizon and viparspectra led luminous lights. Phlizons customer service is excellent and if the lights start to go out we will replace them within a week of contacting us.

This light is perfect for planting marijuana plants. I switched to budding two months ago for flowering, but it takes longer to grow the buds than when using 400W HPS. The buds are still dense and very sticky, but not very big … I switched to a 1200W phlizon with a vegetable and flower switch with both switches on. It was pricey at $ 30-40, but the lights are much brighter and have more colors than this King Plus 1000W. My savings on the electric bill are excellent compared to HPS. But if you are growing marijuana, I suggest you get a grow light that has a vegetable / flower switch …

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Best seller 600W led grow lights NO 3: Helenor Compact 640w LED Grow Lights

Helenor compact 8 640W e1634649289653

Helenor Compact 640w LED Grow Lights features

Helenor Compact 640W uses Samsung and Osram LED full spectrum, which is very suitable for medical planting. Its light output of 1815μmol/s surpasses the traditional 1000W DE HPS plant growth lamp, which is more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient, and has a built-in dimming control knob and remote dimming function.

1,755~1,815 μmol/s total light output

Upto 2.659-2.808 μmol/J efficacy

4’x4′ to 7’x7′ coverage area for high intensity grow

Samsung LM301B/LM2818 White, Osram deep red 660nm diodes

MEANWELL LED Driver upto 7 Years Warranty

Folding design for fast installation

Built-in Knob dimming control & RJ port dimming for Group Control

Horti DLC certified for energy efficiency rebate eligibility

Positive reviews

Fuzzienugz Review:Helenor Compact 640w LED Grow Lights

I decided to take a chance and go with an up and coming manufacturer. I am more than impressed, I order one to test and hung it In a room with 2 HLG 550 v2 rspec & normal. Not only is the light spread way better than my quantum boards but they get extremely bright and the lady’s are all favoring this new light, I was so impressed with my sample I decided to place a bulk order. I’ll keep everyone updated but as far as I can see these lights are up to par with the 800$-900$ light bars on the market at the moment. I’m not a new guy either so don’t sleep on this review
Looking forward to doing future business with Helenor

Helenor Compact 640w LED Grow Lights
Helenor Compact 640w LED Grow Lights

Richard Gordon Review:Helenor Compact 640w LED Grow Lights

Helenor Compact 640w Absolutely minimal heat given off as the driver and lights may exhibit just a couple degrees delta to the ambient while the light intensity is at max. My 5×5 tent exhaust fan doesn’t even cycle to help cool and it’s set to 75°. I’ve had this running for a month now without issue. At 1$/watt initial cost it’s very high quality. I like where I can unplug half the lights when in seedling phase to save electricity. This seems to be a unit that should last my lifetime and I did not receive any incentive to wright this review.

 helenor compact-8 640W
Helenor Compact 640w LED Grow Lights

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No lamp can satisfy everyone’s needs. The one that suits you is the best. Anyway, happy gardening! ! !


  1. DaSofaSurfer

    buyer beware: the w here doesnt stand for watts. its chinese marketing. i.e. the 600w pulls 245 true watts. Not saying this light is no good. id even say for the price its great. proof is I bought one. just know “watt” you’re buying is all.

    • Exactly. As long as you’re very clear about what you’re getting, these lights are a great value. But if you’re expecting an actual 1000w, 2000w, or 3000w light, you’re going to be very disappointed.

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