Spider Farmer SF Series Dimmable LED Grow Light Review

Quantum boards are all the rage with good performance and low price. It started with HLG, and now most brands of plant lights are equipped with Samsung LED chips and MEANWELL drivers. SF series is Spider Farmer’s best plant growth lamp, HLG can satisfy you, SF series can also satisfy you, and the price is at least half cheaper.

Let’s take a look at each lamp in the Spider Farmer SF series, and then dive into the best-selling Spider Farmer SF4000.

Spider Farmer LED Plant Growth Light Comparison Table

Spider Farmer LED Plant Growth Light Comparison Table

Spider Farmer SF Series-2

Spider Farmer SF Series-3

Spider Farmer SF 4000 Review


Use 400 watts-compared with HID lamps, can save about 50% of electricity bills
Equivalent to 800 watt HID system-but lower purchase and operation costs
The ideal spectrum of plants-3000K and 5000K white light, plus 660 nm red light and 760 nm IR; perfect light for all growth stages, red and blue peaks and plenty of light in all other colors, as well as deep red and infrared
High efficiency-low power consumption (2.7 μmol/J) brings high output
Maximum output of 2.5 grams per watt-the output is equivalent to top brand lamps, but the price is only a small part of it
4 x 4 feet core coverage-vegetable coverage is slightly larger at 6 x 6 feet
Samsung LM301B diode-the same diode used in more expensive HLG lamps
Meanwell Driver-the industry standard; it is dimmable and can be removed from the device and placed outside your planting tent to maintain heat
Rated for 100,000 hours — 4-5 years, no need to replace the bulb
3-year warranty — and 30-day money-back guarantee; they have service centers in the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany

Spider farmer SF 4000 parameter

Model: SF4000 LED Grow Light
Light size: 25.51 “x21.12” x2.32 “(2.13×1.76×0.19 feet)
Maximum performance: 2.5g / watt
Vegetable coverage: 6 x 6 feet
Flower range: 5 x 5 feet
DB: 0dB
Humidity ≤ 90%
Lifespan: ≥100,000 hours
Input voltage: AC100-277V
Lumens: 79296Lm ± 5% @ AC120V, 79905Lm ± 5% @ AC240V, 79395Lm ± 5% @ AC277V
Amplifier: 3.787A @ AC120V, 1.864A @ AC240V, 1.641A @ AC277V
Power Consumption: 456.9W ± 5% @ AC120V, 438.2W ± 5% @ AC240V, 439.8W ± 5% @ AC277V

Spider farmer SF 4000 Official description

Low operating cost and high power: SPIDER FARMER LED plant growth lamp adopts the latest high-performance LED technology: Samsung LM301B diode, high energy efficiency of 2.7 umol / J, provides strong light power and uniform penetration of the canopy, achieving the highest maximum performance. It consumes only 450w and has 50% less operating power than HPS or other SMD LEDs or Blurple lamps. Vegetable coverage is 6 x 6 feet and bloom coverage is 5 x 5 feet.
New Diode Placement and Dimming Design – Improved SF4000 adds light. The location of the diodes gathered at the edges makes the PPFD more uniform and the dimmer knob gives you the freedom to adjust the intensity of the light. Useful for connecting multiple lights, unified dimming, especially in large indoor areas and commercial plantations.

Suitable for all growth stages: Excellent full spectrum: white, blue, red and IR (3000K, 5000K, 660nm and IR 760nm). The 3000K diode provides more red light and the 5000K provides more blue light. 660nm red and infrared light is especially helpful during flowering, which can reduce flowering time and increase yield. Make your seeds your own supply. In addition, the light appears so natural that it helps to precisely control the health of the plant.
Sturdy and well-made construction – no fans or noise. MEAN WELL high performance safety conductor, generally waterproof. The updated aluminum plate is thick and sturdy, doesn’t dissipate a lot of heat, has a high-quality cable protection jacket, and is an easy-to-use packaging. High-quality components mean your lights will last longer, but they can also save you money.


The four strongest points of the Spider Farmer quantum board series are the high quality components (Samsung chips and Meanwll drivers), the color spectrum, the even coverage and high output per watt consumed, and the low cost.

Quality Components

Just like HLG’s much more expensive lamps, Spider Farmer lamps use high-quality dimmable Meanwell drivers and Samsung LM301B chips, but the price is much cheaper. Because there is no brand premium, I believe most buyers are reluctant to buy The same things cost more.

Quality components mean the light lasts longer, but they also save you money. The combination of top-bin diodes and the best driver on the market means a much higher efficiency than lights that use lower quality components.

All in all, the output of this lamp reaches 2.7 μmol/J, which makes it one of the most efficient lamps on the market. Another benefit of the combination of Samsung and Meanwell is that the heat output is very low. It is so low that the lamp is passively cooled, but this does not mean that it does not generate heat. Although it does not require an internal fan for cooling, it is better to install a fan to help dissipate heat and also make the air flow.


Nowadays, more and more consumers realize that full-spectrum white light is better than red and blue light. It is better to add red and blue white light.


As the demand for white LEDs increases, more and more manufacturers begin to manufacture them. They come in two forms: lamps that use COB LEDs and lamps that use a large number of smaller diodes.

Spider Farmer lights do not use COB. They use many smaller diodes, which makes them very similar to HLG’s QB lamps, but the cost of Spider Farmer is significantly lower.
Spider Farmer SF lamps use a mix of 3000K and 5000K white diodes, as well as additional 660 nm deep red and 760 nm IR diodes.
Most HLG lamps have white light and add 660 nm deep red or blue, depending on the fixture. Electric Sky lights have deep red and infrared white light. Mars SP and TS lights are different. Some have deep red in addition to white, while others have the same infrared and ultraviolet

If you need UV light, you can buy the strip separately or use Mars Hydro SP lamps. They are the only products that contain UV diodes.
If you want to be made in the U.S., please choose HLG. They cost more, but they are manufactured in the United States and are constantly improved, and are now one of the best grow light manufacturers.

Spider Farmer Quantum LED Grow Light Review: Final Verdict

The Spider Farmer SF 1000 LED Grow Light, and the larger 2000, 4000, and 7000 fixtures, are great additions to the quantum board market.
They give you a color spectrum similar to the HLG quantum boards, but add in IR and deep red light. You also get the same high quality components, the same output and even coverage, but not the same price.
The Spider Farmer fixtures are priced much lower than comparable HLG lights, making them one of the best deals on the market at the moment.
Personally, I prefer COB lights with additional diodes to add extra blue and red to the spectrum, but quantum board lights are a very close second.

If you use QB lights, there are several good options to consider, American brand HLG, Mars Hydro TS or SP series lights with their lower quality Epistar chips, or these Spider Farmer lights.

In summary, I would choose Mars or Spider Farmer because they are more cost-effective and can cover my planting space. They also use better quality Samsung chips.

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