What is a Samsung led?

Samsung LED has the characteristics of high performance and high reliability, and is widely used in vertical farms and greenhouse cultivation. Full-spectrum lighting has completely overturned the traditional agricultural model and improved the quality and yield of crops.

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Samsung led Designable spectrum

The freely designable spectrum makes it possible for plants to grow purposefully. Samsung can provide LED chips with different spectrums, through different combinations, to design the best spectrum of specific plants, which can make plants grow more efficiently.

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Higher efficiency

Compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, LEDs have higher efficiency due to the different light-emitting principles, which can save a lot of energy costs.

Higher reliability

The Samsung LM301H series has a hydrophobic layer, ensuring high reliability even in harsh gardening environments.

White led

samsung led series
samsung led series

samsung white led chip1

Color led

samsung color led chip

samsung color led chip1

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